goro’s | 組裝服務 |Setup Service

Build your first goro’s setup with DELTAone!


"How to choose the right items from over 1000 selections?"

"What do I need to buy? How to build a setup?"


We always receive these kind of questions from our customers.


We totally understand your concerns. Building your first setup with goros is always tough. That is why we are here to listen to your needs, assist you with the decision, and offer the best setup for  

you! This is our profession and we have over 10 years of experience in this field.


We would like to know 2 things from you:

1. Your budget
2. Your ideal setup (e.g. style, item selection, etc.) 


To achieve your goals with goros, we need your information to plan the best direction to tailor. So, if you have an idea with your budget and the concept of the setup, please do share with us! We will give you suggestions based on the information provided!


Most goros fans start with a simple setup, such as a single Chain, and a single Feather. You can continue to customize your setup by adding new items – new Feathers, Metals, and Pendant top, for example.


There are UNLIMITED possibilities of combinations to make your goros setup.

We will continue to help our customers through their journey with goros.

Lets discuss together and let your dream come true! 


If youve purchased the items as a set, our professional team can assist you in setting up your goros before shipping too!






goro's | 識別真鷹(L) I dentifying The Real Eagle (L)


這款鷹的頭部由K18金製成,身體由銀製成。兩件都是由兩個不同的模具製成; 因此,兩件是後續由人工焊接在一起。














The head of this Eagle is made from K18 Gold and the body is made from silver. Both pieces are made from two different molds; hence, the two pieces are soldered together afterwards. 


When we, DELTAone, buyback the Eagles from our customer, we first inspect the joints near the head. For most of them, we are able to tell if it is genuine or not by just looking at it.


On the first image, we have the length of the head. The length of every Eagle (L) must stay the same in size, since it is created from the same mold. However, please take note that some Eagles (L) have distorted head depending on how it was soldered.


Now moving on to the weight of the Eagle and the shape of the Metal Stamp. The Metal Stamp is one of the key areas to inspect. Since each Metal Stamps are soldered with the body afterwards by hand, there might be slight differences with each Eagles.

Speaking about the weight, it varies between 37g to 45g. The Eagles that weighs more than 42g are considered rare. 


For our final review, we will measure the length of the shoulder as shown in the 3rd image. Every Eagle should have a length that is similar to each other. Because of the arch, it might cause small variances in the measurement, however the impact is minimal.


There are several points that a fake goros cannot copy. Our experienced team always focus on delivering the genuine goros to our customers !




goro's | 加泰羅尼亞鷹 | Catalonia Eagle



在二手市場上流傳的加泰羅尼亞鷹並不多,我們可以肯定地說,根本沒有。 名稱和年份雕刻是鷹的象徵,具有超值價值。


此外,還有一些值得注意的關於這款鷹,首先,有兩隻鷹雕刻著細緻的細線和三隻鷹烙印。 此外,喙和眼睛很容易引人注目。 它被認為是市場上最好的鷹之一。


其次,綠松石被焊接並放置在鷹背面的中心,支撐綠松石的金屬片被高橋吾郎先生Goro Takahasi小心翼翼地敲打。 毋庸置疑,這再其他鷹上面幾乎看不到這些特徵。





There aren't many Catalonia Eagle circulating in the second-hand market, which we could safely say that there is none at all. The name and year engravings are the symbol of the Eagle with a premium value.


In addition, there are a few things that are worth noting about this Eagle. First, there are two Eagles with detailed hairlines engraved and three Eagles stamps. Also, the beak and the eyes are easily noticeable.  It is considered as one of the best Eagles in the market.


Second, the Turquoise is soldered and placed in the center of the back of the Eagle. The Metal piece supporting the Turquoise was hammered with cares by Goro Takahasi. Needless to say, these kinds of features are hardly seen on the other Eagles. 


This special Eagle may stay gold forever…







goro's | 平打手鐲 | Flattened Bracelet


沒有平打手鐲,我們就不能談論goro's。 這是許多goro粉絲開始的產品之一。

雖然這是一個常規型號,但你很難在goro's的官方商店看到它們。 如果尺寸不合,您將無法購買。 這就是為什麼平打手鐲

除了帶有K18金屬 / 綠松石的標準型號外,平打手鐲還有幾種訂製的型號。 我們最近推出的雙玫瑰手鐲也是其中之一

當高橋先生Goro Takahashi還活著時,具有阿拉伯式花紋圖案的平打手鐲作為特製型號存在。 來自V6的Ken Miyake,一位日本偶像,以戴它們而聞名。

我們DELTAone擁有日本最多的goro's庫存! 您可以參考我們多樣的goro's正品選擇!

We cannot talk about goro’s without the Flattened Bracelet. This is one of the items where many of goro’s fans begin with.

Although this is a regular model, you hardly see them at the goro’s official store. If the sizes are not available, you won't be able to purchase them. That is why the value of the Flattened Bracelet is relatively high, similar to the Feathers.

Several special made models are also available for the Flattened Bracelet, apart from the standard models with K18 Gold Metal/Turquoise. The Double Rose Bracelet, which we recently introduced, is also one of them🌹

While Goro Takahashi was still alive, the Flattened Bracelet with the Arabesque pattern existed as the special made model. Ken Miyake from V6, a Japanese idol, is known to wear them.