There are some special Sun Metals. 

The one on the left is the standard model. The one in the middle and the right are called “Distorted Metal”. It shows more of a hand-made appearance and the diameter is also slightly smaller. (Approximately 2mm smaller that the standard model)

Speaking about the Silver Sun Metal, the Eagle is facing diagonally which is also considered as a rare item. As you can see, the Eagle on the rest of the two Metals are facing vertically.

Those special items are rare to find, but we have it at DELTAone! 



左邊的是標準型號,中間和右邊的稱為“金屬扭曲”,它能凸顯出更多的手工雕刻感,並且直徑也略小些。 (比標準型號小約2mm)