To be more unique and special, the Leather Cord style has been introduced today. Besides the Leather Cord, the Pipe Beads Set would be another option too.

Especially, if you are considering the smaller Feather, it goes well with it! The Silver/All Gold Beads including the Pipe Beads Set are also one of the “Drawer Items” too! Furthermore, we have the largest amount of stock at DELTAone.

The Setup with those rare items will definitely catch the eyes of others!

For the price and consultation, please DM us since the price of the items can change according to our stock status!

goro‘s | 管珠套裝


特別是,如果您正在考慮使用較小的羽毛,就非常適合! 銀/全金串珠(包括管珠),管珠也是“抽屜物件” 之一,是很難得的品項! 而我們DELTAone目前也擁有大量的庫存供您挑選!