It looks like a

standard Silver in Sun Metal, but please take a look at the back of the Metal! (Picture #2)

The Arabesque pattern is beautifully carved by Goro Takahashi. As you may have known, there are none of the same Arabesque patterns existed. This is simply because it was hand-made. Each Arabesque pattern has its own carvings. 

Those rare items have become much harder to get. At the same time, the demand is still going up. This Metal was sold within 5mins after we updated on our Instagram page. It shows how precious it is and how high the demand is!

We usually update our latest items on the Instagram stories first. Please check it oftenly to not to miss out on the items you are looking for!😉

𝐠𝐨𝐫𝐨'𝐬 | 藤蔓花紋銀太陽金屬吊墜 **中期款式 (已售罄)


高橋吾郎先生(Goro Takahashi)精心雕刻了蔓藤花紋圖案。 如您所知,蔓藤花紋的刻紋都是獨一無二的,這是因為它是手工製作的,每個蔓藤花紋圖案都有自己的特色。

這些稀有物品變得越來越難買。 同時,需求仍在上升。 我們在Instagram頁面上更新後,這種金屬在5分鐘內售出。 它顯示了它的價值和需求量!