We would say that goro’s is the brand that its value never depreciate, although it is in second-hand condition. And some of the items have even higher value and demand in this market. So it would depend on your preference to choose brand new or second-hand. 

If you would like to enjoy the sulfurization, the brand new condition is recommended. The silver follows the owner’s lifestyle, environment and body temperature. You can enjoy the changes of your item from the begginning to end! Of course, the changes are also visible on the second-hand items. The item has sufided according to its ex-owner, but it will change again based on your lifestyle.

On the other hand, the OLD Design may have a higher value but most likely in the second-hand condition. Some of the OLD Design XL Feather have a deeper hair line carvings and was crafted by Goro Takahashi himself. Especially, those hand-made pieces are much appreciated from the fans of goro’s after he passed away.

Both brand new and second-hand have different charms and characteristics. Which one would you go for?