How can you not have one? The most classic and standard style for goro's is a Feather, Chain, Wheel and Eagle Hook.

Did you know that at the goro's official store, the Chain would not be offered if you do not own a Feather.

The following are types of Chains available at goro's. (From left to right in the picture)

-Small Cornered Chain (細角項鍊)
-Small Round Chain (細圓項鍊)
-Large Cornered Chain (大圓項鍊)
-Large Round Chain (大角項鍊)

The most popular one would be Small Cornered Chain which is an easy option which goes well with all items.

And of course, Takuya Kimura also uses this for his setup. Recommended for the goro’s beginners.�
There are also Long Chains (Only Large Cornered and Round Chains are available for Long Chains).

For those who love the Cross, Long Chain would be a nice choice.

It would be well balanced, good match with many modern high end brands.

You always find them in our great selection, so go and visit our online store now!


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