Eagle (S):116,700HKD
Gold Tip Feather Right(XL): 47,800HKD~
Heart Wheel Feather (L): 5,500HKD~
All Gold Heart Wheel Feather (L): 45,100HKD~
Silver Beads (M): 1,400HKD ×4
All Gold Beads (M): 13,500HKD ×2
Silver Pipe Beads: 1,400HKD~ ×12
Silver Beads (XL) 1,600HKD×2
Silver Beads (L): 1,000HKD ×3
Silver Wheel: 18,100HKD
Silver Wheel with K18 Gold Metal: 11,800HKD
All Gold Grass:9,100HKD
Leather Cord (White): 300HKD
Red Beads Set: 6,300HKD (*Antique: 2,700HKD)



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