The mold for special made would be different as the normal Flattened Bracelet. 

Look at 1st picture. 

The one on the right is the Flattened Bracelet and the the other on the left is the special made bracelet. 

As you could see, the special made bracelet is thicker than the normal design. 

Plus, the edge of the bracelet is squarish, isn’t it. 

Let’s move on to the 2nd picture. 

See how different their thickness is! 

The special made bracelet would be always thicker than the normal one. 

Please keep in your mind about that. 

It is quite important TIP for the inspection of the special made bracelet.

Lastly, 3rd picture captures the edges of the special made bracelet. 

As mentioned above, it should be squarish. 

Those knowledge we have made us more professional and different as the other retailer!

And of course, we are confident about it!