There might be some confusion between Wheel with K18 Metal and Silver Wheel. 

・How are they made?

Actually the same mold is used for the both Wheels.

After it is made as Silver Wheel, if it will become Wheel with K18 Metal, K18 Gold Metal would be added with brazing. 

・How are they used? *THE MOST IMPORTANT*


Wheel with K18 Metal: for the Chains

Silver wheel: for the Leather Cords

It would not be the other way round. 

・OLD Design and NEW Design?


[OLD]*More popular






If it is the Wheel with K18 Metal, the Metal of OLD Design would be uneven shaped and size since hand made.

 The Wheel with K18 Metal with bigger Metal could be more valuable!

Those tips we have mentioned above are what we would like you to be aware of when you make a purchase!