There are so many types of Feather for XL size. So how are they made?

The same mold is basically used for all XL Feather regardless the material is Gold or Silver EXCEPT Gold Tip Feather. 

The Plain Feather would be a base for any kind of Feather.

Then Heart Top, Gold Rope Turquoise, Claws or Metal etc… would be added according to what it should be.

So all XL feather always starts from Plain Feather.

Gold Tip Feather is the only Feather that both Silver and Gold are in one.

But Gold and Silver cannot be made together, that is why there is the mold for one of each.

They are made separately first then put together with brazing in the end of the process. 

So now you may realise that all the size of XL Feather should be same except Gold Tip Feather

That is right. You may refer the size below.

・Plain Feather (XL): Length 6.8cm~ (The pendant hole is included)

・Gold Tip Feather (XL): Length 6.6cm~ (The pendant hole is included)

We hope this TIP would help you!