goro's Cross Pendant insepection


We only sell genuine goro’s.

We believe that this is the most important aspect and responsibility of being a second-hand retailer of goro’s. It is also our commitment.

At DELTAone, we only handle authentic pieces that are carefully selected by our staff.
So, let's talk a bit about the Cross.

As we have mentioned before, the soldering of P-Shaped Ring is used for the Cross. As you can see, the Cross and the Ring are made from two different molds. There are different ways to identify the fake versions of the Cross — Soldering of the P-Shaped Ring is loose, P-Shaped Ring has shape distortion, etc. The soldered section will tell us the truth.

Other key identification is measurement.
When measuring the size of the Cross pendant, you have to exclude the length of the P-Shaped Ring (i.e. to only measure the size of the Cross).

This is because:

❒ The placing of the P-Shaped Ring can be different since it is soldered by hand. (Please refer to image #2 and #3)

❒ The Silver will shrink by up to 0.2% when it’s cooled down. After soldering the P-Shaped Ring, it is possible for the size of the silver to shrink because of its properties.

As you always see, we use a caliper to accurately measure the length of the items.

At DELTAone, we train our employees to correctly use a caliper and find the measurement points. It is the most basic skills you will learn on your first day here as a buyer.

Speaking of goro's cross, there is a special case, especially for the old ones.

As we have shared with you earlier, we exclude the length of the P-Shaped Ring for the measurement of a Cross at DELTAone.

So, what are the cases with a Cross with Wheel or Feather? In conclusion, it has to be measured separately.

For example

❒ Cross with Wheel: Measure the diameter of the wheel based on the scratch mark. It should be 1.79cm for New Design Wheel.

❒ Cross with Feather: Measure the Feather by excluding the length of the pendant hole, since it may vary in size.

And most importantly, we have to identify the period when the Cross was created. We have to make sure that the Cross is made from the casting that was used during the same period.

Knowledge of goro’s is accumulated based on the amount of time we interact with the item. The more we see, the more knowledge we gain. Knowledge is important for building skills and trusts.


<LEFT> “YELLOW EAGLE The legend story & spirits of goro’s”, this cross on the top right is an O shaped ring soldering. 

<RIGHT> This is another reference from a magazine published prior to 2003. These buffalo, najone, arrowhead, bear claw pendants are O Shaped Ring Soldering. These O Shaped Ring Soldering were made until 2003, that is why you cannot find any information on recent prints. 

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