Event Report

DELTAone Hong Kong - goro’s Popup Store in HK

To celebrate the 1st year anniversary, DELTAone Hong Kong hosted the first popup event in Hong Kong from 1st-2nd February 2020. The event was privately held at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Central, inviting more than 30 groups of goro’s fans!

Who is DELTAone?


DELTAone is the premier second-hand retailer of goro’s accessories in Japan. Our flagship store is located in the heart of Harajuku and offers the largest variety of goro’s. In 2019, DELTAone opened its first branch in Hong Kong. Our customers have come to rely on our reputation of offering only authentic goro’s accessories.

Event Information

Venue: The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

Date: 1st-2nd Feb 2020

Time: From 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Event Scenery


The event began at exactly 11:00 AM in the morning. The first guest has entered the Suite Room of the Landmark Mandarin Oriental being greeted by the members of DELTAone Hong Kong.


In the room, three designated areas were allocated for the item display. There were over 50 different types of goro’s accessories available across the room.


Walking towards the window, there were goro’s pendants displayed in two large-sized glass cabinets. Items such as Feathers, Crosses, Chains, and Metals were placed for the guests to take a good look.

Now heading towards the TV was the goro’s Wallet, Deer Skin Bag, and Bracelets. The attachment of Concho on goro’s wallet adds another layer of charm, and it is an item that cannot be assembled without extensive knowledge and experience. Guests were also having quality time holding the item in their hands and wearing the Bracelets to find their perfect size.

In addition to the ordinary items, Special Made items such as the Catalonia Eagle Set (approx. 3 million HKD) and All Gold Eagle with Platinum Head (not-for-sale) were on display.

The All Gold Eagle with Platinum Head is a very special item. It is said that only a few of them are currently available in the market.


This is the only Eagle item of goro’s that uses two different materials (i.e. gold and platinum) to create the Eagle Stamp and Eagle’s Head. Goro Takahashi has once said that “bald eagle is the motif of the goro’s Eagle”. In order to craft an Eagle that symbolizes the real bald eagle, Goro insisted on using white-color material for the head. 


More stories about the All Gold Eagle with Platinum Head are available on Instagram. Please be sure to check it out!

1/ https://www.instagram.com/p/B15w0g1AtO7/

2/ https://www.instagram.com/p/B17wM_Jg20I/

Setup Consultation


One of the difficulties in pursuing the journey of goro’s is to build your own masterpiece setup. With over 1000 selections of items from our store, there is an indefinite amount of combinations for assembling it. This is the greatest concern for most goro’s fans across the world.


For this occasion, the CEO of DELTAone, Akira Horiuchi and store manager of Altair, Toshiki Otawa has joined us from Japan to assist the guests with their setup. They have over 10 years of accumulated experience with goro’s.

Before getting into the details, Akira and Toshiki conducted a one-to-one hearing session with the guests. They listened to the guest’s voice, gaining an understanding of their budget and target style with goro’s setup.

With one of our guests, Akira assisted in assembling the Takuya Kimura Setup. Instead of using the standard Heart Wheel Feathers, Akira suggested replacing it with the All Gold Feathers. The color combination of Silver and Gold represents the spirit of goro’s, “Yin and Yang” very well.


Placed right next to the Takuya Kimura setup is the double Heart Wheel Feather setup that uses a Leather Cord, Silver Beads, and a Sun Metal.

Moving on, Toshiki has performed the attachment of the All Gold Grass. By adding this item, it creates additional charm and color variation to the setup. Toshiki’s technical skills in attaching the item and his perfection in tightening the Jump Ring is superb and flawless.

The staff at DELTAone has strong knowledge about goro’s, and their consulting and technical ability allows them to deliver high-quality setup customization.

Item Inspection


There are countless amounts of super fake goro’s items in the market today and it is becoming harder for people to determine their authenticity. DELTAone, on the other hand, is confident in its capability to identify the authenticity of an item.


Why is that?


DELTAone simply pursues with one brand - goro’s, and the staff have been overlooking the goro’s items that came out from the official goro’s store every day. The staff is well-knowledged about goro’s and items that only meet the criteria are stocked at the store.

To make sure that the item is authentic, Akira and Toshiki inspected the items so that they fall under the criteria of genuine goro's. 


Toshiki is using the vernier caliper to calculate the length of the Silver Claws and making sure that the feature of the Feather matches the authentic model.

Akira is using the scale to calculate the weight of the Wheel with K18 Gold. Some of the fake copies are usually lighter than the real goro’s, so he makes sure that the weight is within the range.

About Akira Horiuchi and Toshiki Otawa

- Akira Horiuchi


Akira is the CEO of DELTAone and his passion for goro’s is impeccable. He has been running DELTAone in Harajuku, the origin of goro’s. DELTAone offers comprehensive services to customers; such as item purchase, repair/maintenance, and setup assembly. Akira has a deep understanding of goro’s, and takes responsibility for delivering the best experience.



- Toshiki Otawa


Toshiki is the superb buyer and store manager of DELTAone Altair. Toshiki’s continuous effort in researching goro’s allows him to suggest unique setups that match their style. With his top-rated skills in building a setup, he is a person who is to be liked by everyone.



Feedback From the Guests


  • I am very impressed to see rare goro’s items on the display!
  • I was able to purchase goro’s items that I love at the event.
  • It was a great event where DELTAone staff helped me assemble my setup using the new items that I’ve purchased at the event.
  • Although the stock was limited, overall it was a very nice event.



The DELTAone popup event was a great opportunity to meet with our customers and goro’s fans in Hong Kong. Once again, we would like to thank all of you who joined us at our 1st popup event in Hong Kong!


We are putting our efforts into hosting the 2nd popup event in Hong Kong to serve more people! Please stay tuned and let’s meet again in the future!

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