DELTAone, Japan’s Best goro’s Speciality Store

DELTAone is celebrating its ninth anniversary since its opening. Specializing only in goro’s, “We continue to offer authentic items to our customers”  by brushing up our skills for item appraisal.


Because of its excellence and popularity, there is a lot of counterfeit goro's in the market. At DELTAone, however, we work very hard in acquiring knowledge, gathering the latest information, and educating our staff to provide peace of mind to customers who love goro’s. We are confident that we are the number one in the world for our ability to appraise goro’s items.

Due to the effort, many goro’s fans have shopped with us. The goro’s item you cherished will be handed over to a new owner through DELTAone, who also loves goro’s. At DELTAone, we have a large collection of items lined up in the store that was purchased from goro’s fans across the world. We also have many rare items that are extremely difficult to obtain. With DELTAone’s abundant goro’s stock, we can respond to customer’s demand about goro’s customization in the shortest time.


We are here to assist you after your purchase. We have received a lot of inquiries from our customers about the repair and maintenance of goro's items. Please feel free to consult us about upgrading/repairing your items, and purchasing additional items for your setup. Even with the most sophisticated setup, our professionals are capable of handling your item without any damage.


If it’s about goro’s, leave it to DELTAone - a professional store dedicated to goro’s!

If you are considering purchasing goro’s, DELTAone is the only option

We only sell genuine goro's


The buyer at DELTAone is a professional who is devoted to goro’s for many years and has continued to work with tens of thousands of goro’s items. They continue to brush up their skills to identify and eliminate counterfeit items from the store. In case when the item sold from DELTAone turns out to be fake, we will provide a full refund to our customer for an indefinite period of time. Please rest assured when purchasing at DELTAone.

Customization with industry’s leading skills

The staff at DELTAone loves goro’s, and they are constantly researching and learning techniques to beautifully customize it. goro’s is a product where the beauty of it magnifies by how it's assembled. We suggest unique ideas and customize complex setups, which are not available at other stores. From your first purchase to addition/rearranging your item, you can rely on DELTAone.

Select item from industry’s number one stock of goro's

DELTAone has the largest inventory of goro’s in the industry. From standard to custom-made items, we have a wide selection of goro’s available. The DELTAone stores offer a wide range of options to help customers make the best choice when purchasing goro’s. We will search for your desired items from all the DELTAone stores and offer them to you.

Best service from your first purchase to repeat visits

Those who love goro’s will wear them for a very long time. In the case of necklaces, you can create your own setup by adding and rearranging items. DELTAone will give the best recommendations according to the customer’s request, such as the order in purchasing the items and buying back the unnecessary items.

DELTAone has the highest ask price in the industry

The buyer of DELTAone can make use of their appraisal skills that they have developed over the years to determine the authenticity of goro’s with the highest precision in Japan. DELTAone has promised to sell only authentic goro’s and will guarantee a full refund in case the item is identified as fake. This trust has gained support from many customers.


In addition, we have many stocks available. We have the largest number of stores in Japan and also in Hong Kong. Hence, we have many customers who can purchase those items right away. Inevitably, it is not enough no matter how many stocks we carry. That's why DELTAone can purchase the item at the best ask price in the world.


Although other stores and individual buyers keep setting a new record on buyback price, it is nothing comparable to DELTAone. In particular, the sale price of custom-made items, which are said to be difficult to appraise, depends on the credibility of the store. DELTAone has the highest credibility in the goro’s industry.