One of the most enjoyable things of goro’s is customization afforded by the beautiful and diverse motif pendants.
You can assemble your own unique necklace setup by combining a variety of goro's items. Not only can you create your own original setup, but you can also style your necklace depending on the situation and fashion style.

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While there are other accessory brands that owners need to mix up with other brands’ items to complete your ideal style, goro’s should be one of the rare brands that offer a choice of hundreds of different types of items, with this wide variation, the possible style variation of goro’s could be almost unlimited.
You can create your original setup completely different from the others built.


You can grow your setup gradually. The more items you own, the wider customization you can try.
We witnessed, just in front of us at our shop, the moment many of goro’s fans can not stop wondering how to grow or style their necklace setup with their collections.


However, we also have seen many of DELTAone customers saying,

"I don't know what to buy first..."
"My budget is tight at this moment..."

"I want to buy it, but I can't build it by myself..."


Over the course of 10 years of DELTAone's history, we have heard many times about these concerns and have been helping.
DELTAone is here for you to assist your goro’s journey. 


We would like to know 2 things from you:

1. Your budget
2. Your preference

(e.g. style, main-item, chain, leather cord, etc.)


To achieve your goals with goro’s, we need your information to plan the best direction to tailor.

So, if you have an idea with your budget and the concept of the setup, please do share it with us!

There is an UNLIMITED possibility of combinations to make your goro’s setup.

Let’s discuss together!