The goro’s Feather Pendant represents the feather of a bald eagle. Goro Takahashi was given the title of “Yellow Eagle” from the Native American tribe, where the eagle’s feather later became a design motif of the Feather Pendant. In the Native American culture, the eagle is a symbol of “Friendship and Peace”. The fusion of sensitivity and powerfulness is portrayed in the carving, and the Feather is filled with the passion of the craftsman and its spiritual energy. When Goro inherited an actual eagle's feather, he wanted to carry it around with him. However, he has decided to craft a Feather Pendant instead because it wasn’t practical to travel with it.

The Wheel Feather features the spiritual concept of a medicine wheel. It was designed in the motif of an eagle’s feather, and Goro inherited this item when he was given the title of “Yellow Eagle”.

Metal is an essential item that emphasizes the Feather, and the item itself represents Goro’s himself. The idea of “To Travel Along With People Wearing goro's” is implied in this item.

For Goro, the Feather was a must-have item when he travelled. He often gave the Feather as a gift to his travelling partners, as well as his benefactor who’ve helped him . Many of them wore the item on top of their leather jacket.

As you can observe from his life, goro’s Feather reflects the experience of Goro Takahashi, his way of life, and his passion as a craftsman. Goro has put one's soul and strong significance in creating his Feather.

Different Styles of goro's Feather Pendant

The Feather has the widest variety of selections out of all goro’s products. For example, the Feather has four different sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large. Also, there are two kinds of mold available to create Feathers facing two different directions (i.e. left and right). The creation and combination of these Feathers represent a fluttering bird, and it implies the message of “To Take Off”.

Excluding custom-made and rare items, there are 18 different selections of Feathers available. This includes items such as the eagle’s Claw, Turquoise, Metals, and Heart Wheel Feather that has a motif of the feather of an eagle’s breast. While maintaining the harmony (i.e. the ideology of Yin and Yang, the fusion of Japanese and Western traditions, individual and collective, and etc.) that Goro admires, each of these items has its own appearance.

In the book, The Legend of Harajuku goro’s Vol. 1, there is a complete publication of all goro’s items, from standard to rare items, as well as the popular setups. The setup that uses large quantity of Feathers is very artistic and it arouses a desire for collection. In particular, the Feather items with All Gold has the highest rarity, and some of these models can be traded for more than 10 million yen per piece.

goro's Feather Lineup

  • Feather with Silver Claw(Only XL Size)
  • Feather with Gold Claw(Only XL Size)
  • Silver Top Feather(Only XL Size)
  • Gold Top Feather(Only XL Size)
  • Gold Top Gold Rope Turquoise Feather(Only XL Size)
  • Silver Top Silver Rope Turquoise Feather(Only XL Size)
  • Silver Top Gold Rope Turquoise Feather(Only XL Size)
  • Gold Tip Feather(Only XL Size)
  • Heart Wheel Feather(S・M・L)
  • Silver Heart Wheel Feather(S・M・L)
  • Silver Feather(S・M・L)
  • Silver Plain Feather(Only XL Size)
  • Feather with Metal(Only XL Size)
  • Gold Claw Gold Tip Feather(Only XL Size)
  • Silver Claw Gold Tip Feather(Extremely Rare)(Only XL Size)
  • All Gold Feather(S・M・L)
  • All Gold Feather (XL)
  • All Gold Heart Wheel Feather(S・M・L)
  • Gold Top All Gold Feather (XL)
  • Gold Top Gold Rope TQ All Gold Feather (XL)
  • Feather with Metal and Gold Claws (XL)

Among the fans of goro’s, the Feather setup are extremely popular due to its varieties of customization. For example, you can combine the same model of Feathers with different sizes, arrange the Feathers with different models in a balanced manner, or use the Feather with the Eagle. A wide selection of Feathers will allow an infinite number of combinations for goro’s setup. One of the popular ideas of owning a Feather is to keep customizing your setup by adding on new items.

For this reason, even the first-time buyers of goro’s tend to purchase the Feather. The standard setup is to use one or two Feathers with a Leather Cord, a Chain, or a Chain with Wheel items. In the case of using a Leather Cord, Beads can be added to emphasize the appearance.

The silver item gives an additional charm over time when it becomes oxidized. Gold, on the other hand, does not react to any chemical agent and does not lose its qualities of shine. Therefore, the contrast between Yin and Yang become more apparent. Refer to the image on Page 45 of “The Legend of Harajuku goro’s Vol. 1”.

Placing the Sun Metal under the hook is a preferred setup by a lot of celebrities (Reference Image: Page 8 of The Legend of Harajuku goro’s Vol. 1), and it is a very popular item that adds additional charm to the Feather-based necklace. It is Takuya Kimura’s favourite style.

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